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BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème

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by Sian Bitner Kearney:

Allow me to preface this product review by stating that historically speaking, I am not at all a foundation girl. I have never liked the look or feel of foundation and always felt like I was wearing an oily mask instead of makeup any time I tried one.

That being said, I received a sample of BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème with my most recent Sephora product order. I looked at the sample, tossed it to the side of my counter, and truly thought that I would never look at it again. Later that week, I was at a loss. My regular concealer that I use as a mock foundation to provide color and camouflage to the necessary areas of my face went missing. I had 20 minutes to get ready for my son’s basketball game and in total haste; I reached for my BECCA sample. I squeezed about half a dime size on to my hand and began carefully dotting and blending into my skin with my fingertips. My first reaction was total shock. Not only did the product beautifully conceal the areas that required it, it also seemed to melt into my skin, leaving it soft, smooth and not cakey in the least. I smirked with skepticism, finished my hair and makeup, and headed out the door.

Midway through the game, I expected to feel the usual foundation oil slick building on my t-zone, but again to my surprise, my skin was still flawless. One 90 minute game, an early dinner party, and a three episode marathon of True Detective later, my flaws remained completely covered and my complexion was still oil free. The amazing thing was, with everything going on, I’d had zero time to even touch up with a swipe of powder. This complexion perfection was still a result of a 9:00 am makeup application. I was in awe. I even snapchatted a photo to my friend with the caption, “12 hour makeup face” for her opinion. She immediately texted me, writing that I was a liar and must have just recently done my makeup. Bam! I was sold!

So the question of the day is of course, will I purchase a full-size bottle of BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème once my sample packet runs out? Yes I will. While I may not feel the need to use it every single day, when it’s time to glam up and look camera (or date night) ready, I think this product is the perfect beauty companion!

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Becca The One Perfecting Brush – The Ultimate Multi-tasker

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I hate trying to juggle a pile of brushes and tools just to apply my makeup. BECCA finally has a solution to this rather annoying problem. The One Perfecting Brush truly is an all-in-one makeup applicator. The design is made to replace at least 10 common brushes and tools to apply anything from foundation to blush.

While the multi-tasking factor is obviously a plus, one of my favorite aspects is the brush doesn't waste my makeup. Many brushes and sponges absorb half of what I try to apply. The goat hair bristles are non-porous lets any creams, liquids and powders stay on top of the bristles so you never waste anything.

Thanks to the design and tightly packed bristles, I can flawlessly apply makeup to both large and small areas. The combination of flat and curved edges give me full coverage and perfect application every time. If you have any sensitivities, you'll be glad to know there are no dyes in the bristles, which also helps the brush stay soft and prevents the shape from warping.

BECCA recommends using The One Perfecting Brush  in place of your foundation, contour, powder, stipple, bronzer, concealer, fan and blush brushes along with replacing your sponge or kabuki. At only $49 from Sephora, the price is well worth what you'll save on other brushes, time switching and wasted makeup.

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