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Burt’s Bees Natural Lip Colors

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Just because a product is filled with skin loving and natural ingredients does not mean you have to sacrifice color, longevity and quality. It is a very big misconception that natural makeup products can't be fashion forward and meet the demands of beauty aficionados. 

Case in point: Burt's Bees newest lip color collection. These colors are rich, and the payoff is amazing.  I have been mixing and matching the products to get textures and looks.  I keep these products in my purse and in my professional makeup kit at all times. I love to layer the lip balms and lip shimmers under my lipsticks for a multi-layered look that is nourishing and keeps my lips and my clients lips super soft and kissable!.

If you want to find your perfect shade, than Burt's Bees has made it ridiculously simple.  Head on over to the Shade Finder and they will help you find your match! It takes all the guess work out of "what color will look good on me?". 

Lip Shine:  For those of you who just want a hint of color and shine. These tubes feel wonderful over your preferred lipstick. 
• Nourishes with Apricot Wax
• Delivers softening with Sunflower Seed Oil

Lip Gloss
: A natural way to get the high fashion look! This gloss is never sticky, and leaves a gorgeous, rich sheen. 
• Enriches with nourishing oils
• Promotes healthy looking and beautiful lips

Lip Shimmers: My favorite of the bunch, these little shimmers pack a punch! They are amazing to layer underneath your favorite lip gloss, or lipstick for extra shimmer and color. 
• Enriched with Sunflower, Fruit Oils, and Coconut Oil
• Invigorates with Peppermint flavor
• Nourishes and moisturizes lips with Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Beeswax

Lip Balm: This little balm is for those of you who just want some fantastic conditioning, and a hint of soft color.  Keep these in your purse for all day touch ups and moisture. 
• Nourishes with Shea Butter and Botanical Waxes

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Burt's Bees through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Burt's Bees, all opinions are my own.

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Burts Bees Radiance Body Lotion

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by Sian Bitner Kearney

For most women, having beautifully hydrated skin is always important. However, when holiday parties start calling, a typical moisturizer may not be enough to give you that show stealing glow. That’s why I have absolutely fallen in love with Burts Bees Radiance Body Lotion

Infused with royal jelly, sunflower oils and aloe, this body lotion gives just the right amount of moisture to skin without leaving a greasy residue. The lotion also contains natural mica for gorgeous glow factor.

To be honest, I bought this lotion because I had become lazy with my spray tanning routine. I didn’t want to be unnaturally dark, yet I still wanted my skin to have a glow about it. I had tried other lotions in the past that were said to have a “glow” to them, but sadly they were all infused with some type of glitter leaving me look as if I’d just spent one too many nights at a gentlemen’s club in Vegas. Finally, at the end of my rope, I gave Burts Bees Radiance Body Lotion a shot. I have always been a fan of their other products, so fingers crossed I slathered it on.

First I should warn you, the consistency of this lotion is much thinner than other lotions and a little goes a long way. I’d suggest you start with about a dime size and build from there. At first the lotion does appear a bit white or silvery; however, once it is absorbed into the skin, you are left with perfectly moisturized skin and a hint of beautiful, but natural looking sparkle. The scent is a bit strong at first, but only lasts a few minutes.

For those who wish to contain their sparkle to only certain body parts, you can also use the lotion much like a highlighter, applying to front of legs, arms, décolleté, and collar bones. No matter how you choose to get your sparkle on, at only $9.00/bottle, this lotion is a one stop shop to gorgeous. For this holiday season, I recommend you don’t leave home without it!

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