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Celebrity Concealer Beauty Tips

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Tackle Eye Beauty Issues With Celebrity Tricks

From under eye circles to lashes that just won't behave, I constantly find myself tackling beauty disasters thanks to my baby blues. Since your eyes are usually the first thing people notice, you want them to look great. Take these simple tricks celebrity makeup artists use to ensure red carpet nights aren't a disaster.

Double Conceal

Taylor Swift may not seem like she has under eye circles and for good reason. She uses the double conceal technique. Start with a concealer shade the same color as your skin tone to cover the darker tones of the circles. Next, apply a lighter shade under eyes and out across your cheekbones to brighten your eyes.

Boost Tired Eyes

I used to dread how my eyes would look after a few nights of little sleep. Now I regularly use a popular celebrity secret – topical Vitamin C. Massage it directly under your eyes or use an eye cream with Vitamin C. It actually helps repair the damage to reduce the look of bags and circles.

Stubborn Lashes

Andrew Sotomayor, a celebrity makeup artist, helps celebrities tackle their eyelashes to look stunning and more awake. Curl your lashes upwards to make them look longer and open the eyes. You'll look alert and beautiful, especially when you add a little mascara.


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Get the Look: Katy Perry June 2014 V Magazine Cover

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Makeup artist, Sammy Mourabit, got inspiration for Katy Perry’s V Magazine cover from the iconic Betty Page, "I wanted to pay homage to her bombshell beauty look, giving Katy that va va voom factor!" Read below to reveal the beauty tips Sammy used to create the look!

"I started with the face using my finger tip to spot touch COVERGIRL’s Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation in Buff Beige #205 all over Katy’s t-zone area. The velour composition effect of the new COVERGIRL RSG Foundation allowed me to create a creamy texture on her gorgeous skin. I then used a tiny bit of the Ready, Set, Gorgeous Concealer on my finger tip and gently dabbed under Katy’s eyes, and on the outer corners, as well as little around the nose.

I then finished the face, by sculpting Katy’s cheek bones with the truMAGIC Sunkisser and Luminizer as well as a hint of Bombshell ShineShadow in Gold Goddess, creating a gentle dewy effect."

"For Katy’s eyes I first focused on the brows. I used COVERGIRL’s Brow and Eyemaker Pencil in Midnight Black and Brown to shape her eyebrows, creating a dramatic effect that was very important to this specific look.

I then mixed Bombshell ShineShadows in Ooh La Lilac and Copper Fling. Their rich pigment and creamy, slightly metallic texture are amazing to create an eye liner fading effect, resulting in a sexy eye look that reflects light perfectly.

I then applied the Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Crystal Flame to brighten up the inside corner of the eyes for Mademoiselle Perry.

I finished the eye look by applying Bombshell Mascara in Very Black - no false lashes needed with this mascara! Using step 1, I applied a light coat of mascara, separating the lashes. I then used step 2 in the outer upper corners for a more dramatic and intense effect."

"Finally it was time for the lips. I mixed two COVERGIRL Lip Liners together, Sublime #200 and Passion #215, creating a beautiful red and prune pigment, allowing me to contour her sexy lip look. I then used a little bit of LipPerfection in Hot #305 to create a deep red finish."

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Easy Beauty Tips by Kimara Ahnert

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This week, we are thrilled to share makeup tips from New York City’s Premiere Makeup Artist, Kimara Ahnert. Whether you have a black-tie event or are just having dinner with your sweetheart, try some of Kimara’s rules of thumb for a flawless high-definition make up look.

Perfect the Pout
Hollywood’s glam girls are notorious for never leaving home without a full, defined and kissable pout. Many women struggle to recreate the look in real life, but it’s easier than you think. “To create full lips, while brushing your teeth, brush lips to exfoliate and create a fuller pout. Then line lips outside of the natural lip-line, fill with your favorite lipstick and then dab a pearlescent lip gloss to the center of the lip for added va-voom!”

It’s All in the Eyes
Kimara acknowledges the impression eye makeup can make and believes, “to create good camera eyes use shimmering shades of champagne, neutral, gold and copper. The sheen shows off the sparkle within eyes and imparts the most impact.”

Contour with Color
For a more glamorous look, Kimara says, “no matter what, always have a pop of color somewhere – blush, lip or eye shadow color.” To create a serious hi-def look, Kimara regularly likes to apply bronzer to the cheeks to warm up the skin and then add a pop of blush color. By doing this you can easily camouflage imperfections and enhance your beautiful cheek bones. Apply some highlighting powder to the top of your cheek bones, temples, décolletage and shoulders for an extra-bright look.

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Eva Mendes Beauty Tips

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Let's admit it, some women get blessed by the good looks, great humor, and flocks of stunning men surrounding them.  Yep, I am referring to Eva Mendes.  Not only is she stunning, curvaceous, funny, and talented….but she is now dating my imaginary husband Ryan Gosling (not fair!! humph!). 

So, if I can't rock her life, than at least I can take a page out of her beauty book.  Luckily, I was able to find out what the Pantene's Celebrity Ambassador calls her favorite products:

"Eva’s style is as glamorous and fun as we would suspect.  She loves to flaunt a makeup look that is feminine, sexy and easy to achieve.

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