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Quick and Easy Office Makeup Looks

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I can’t tell you how many women I’ve seen who don’t know the difference between office makeup and night out makeup. The two couldn’t be further apart. When you’re at the office, your look should be more toned down. The best part about office makeup is it’s quick and easy to pull of stunning looks that will still make you look amazing in little time.


Keep It Natural

Avoid extremely bright or bold colors. Instead of focusing on your work, most people will be distracted by your makeup. Great for a night out, but not so great for ensuring people take you seriously. Stick with neutral colors such as browns, peaches, light pinks and even soft lavenders for eyes, lips and cheeks. Instead of liner, use a black/brown or brown mascara to make your eyes pop.

Use a lightweight matte foundation or tinted BB cream along with concealer. If you have dark under eye circles or redness, a brightening concealer or multi-color concealer will take care of trouble areas. Add just a light dusting of pressed powder to set your look. Avoid bronzers as they can often make you seem too glowing or tan. Trust me when I say you’ll like bright eyed, professional and beautiful.

Just A Little Shimmer

If natural isn’t your thing, no problem. Just by adding a little bit of shimmer to your look, you can drastically change how you look without over-doing it. Start a medium coverage concealer and finish with an all day liquid foundation with SPF. Once again, an all in one tinted moisturizer will work perfectly. Use a sponge to apply to better blend with the concealer. Set with a translucent powder with just a hint of sparkle. Your face will instantly light up without looking like a glitter bomb.

Apply a cream based shadow. Once again, choose a light or medium tone color. Dust a slightly lighter shade of a shimmer based shadow over the cream. If you really want to do more with your eyes, apply an extremely thin line of light brown, hazel or gold liner to your lower lid. Apply a lighter shade to your upper lid. Follow up with mascara.

Finally, apply just a hint of blush to cheeks. With the sparkle of your powder and eyes, you don’t want to go overboard here. The entire object is a brighter face with eyes that really pop. As an added touch, use a clear gloss over your favorite pink, peach or even red lipstick. If you use red, ensure you eyes and blush are toned down.

Overall, just keep it simple. I say let your confidence shine through and you’ll look great no matter what.

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Eve Pearl Bombshell Palette

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It’s hard to find a full face palette that truly does do it all. I usually see lips and eyes or lips and cheeks. However, I’m impressed with Eve Pearl’s Bombshell Palette. The Ultimate Face Palette in Bombshell provides you with seven different pressed powders for highlighting, contouring, covering and adding color.For coverage, contouring and controlling shine, the #1 and #2 press powders (the largest circle) can be used individually or together. It’s great for getting just the right amount of coverage and taking care of problem areas. The two larger circles, #3 and #4, are blushes designed specifically for creating a natural glow. I honestly prefer #4 as it blends so perfectly.

The champagne eye shadow in the #5 slot is ideal for highlighting your eyes while #6 gives you a nice darker color, bronze copper, to create a smokey eye affect for night time. The final touch is #7 in a deep brown that creates a more dramatic look and even functions as an eye liner.

It is extremely worth it to take a few minutes to learn how to use the colors correctly, and Eve Pearl’s site provides excellent instructions for getting started. I highly recommend reading them for best results. Overall, I’m impressed there’s so much in a single compact for just $74. This is one that will stay with me in my purse for perfection on the go! 

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Kevin James Bennett Interview and Pop Up Shop!

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As I have said many times before, when Kevin James Bennett suggests I go out and get a product, I listen.  Most recently, Kevin, the “MacGyver of Makeup”, opened up his own pop up shop on OpenSky.com.  Below, he answers my questions, and shares his best information.  Enjoy! 

1) How can an everyday woman interpret the latest trends from Fashion Week.
You don’t have to “copy” a runway look to get in on the trend. Pick one makeup element that resonated with you. It could be eyes, lip color, even blush or bronzer placement. Layer that single element into your normal makeup routine and give it test drive. If you love it, make it your signature style for the season. Hate it – it’s only makeup, wash it off and try a new feature.

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Eve Pearl Magic Salmon Concealer

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On my quest to find the best concealers out there, I have come across many that claim to have the perfect peach hue to counteract blue undertones underneath the eye.  Most fail miserably.  They are either too pink, too bright, or turn my circles ashy (not helping!).  It takes a lot for me to fall in love with a concealer and add it to my must have list.  But, ladies and gentleman, I have a new entry!!

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