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Simple Way to Clean Off Glue From Fake Eyelashes

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Today’s question is a simple way to remove glue from fake eyelashes.
Well, it actually is very simple. All you need is a makeup remover Q-tip. You can find these at your drugstore. With a tweezer, hold up your false eyelash that you are wanting to clean off. Now simply use the Q-tip with the eye makeup remover inside of it and clean off the glue like so. Make sure you have a firm grip on that eyelash and the glue should come off easily. 
Get these amazing eyemakeup remover Q-tips here! Eye Makeup Correctors Q-Tips
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How to do a smokey eye with false eyelashes

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Today’s question is how to do a smoky eye with false eyelashes. For this question I’m assuming that you already have your false eyelashes applied and you just kind of want to boost up that look and finish it off and make it smoky and sexy for the evening. So, on our lovely model Shay the eyelashes are already applied. I applied half lashes on the corner to give a nice cat eye effect.

  • Now to give this look a boost and to really give it that sultry sexy smoky look, all you need is one simple product. You need a shadow pencil. The chubbier, the more jumbo the better.
  • I love these because they make a smoky eye in one simple step. And you want to be careful when you’re using false eyelashes to avoid a shadow because when a shadow falls on the false eyelashes, it changes the color and it’s really kind of hard to get off. So an eye shadow pencil skips that step skips that mess and makes it easy. Let’s show you how it looks.
  • As you can see, we’re going to smoke out the eye a little more. I chose a deep brown shadow and I’m going over the already purple highlighted color we have which will make it a really beautiful kind of intense mauve.
  • The great thing about these jumbo eye shadow pencils is that you can blend them and continue to layer them until you get the desired effect you want.
  • Because it’s in a pencil form you don’t have to worry about that eye shadow fall out messing with your false eyelashes.

That’s how you pump up your normal eye shadow look, get a sexy, smoky eye if you’ve already had your eyelashes applied without messing the, up. All you need is one product!


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How to Apply Fake Eyelashes so Eyes Look Wide Open

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Today’s question is “how to apply fake eyelashes so the eyes look wide open”. My favorite tip is to use eyelashes that are made just for the outer corners of the eyes. This lifts the eye up, and this also adds that really beautiful cat-eyed look and it’s very simple to do yourself. The Ardell lashes are my favorite 

  • Place the strip lightly down on to the glue. You do not need a lot of glue. You want it on the end of the strip only. *i prefer black glue
  • Next when you’re doing this at home, hold the eye taut and look down at a mirror.
  • Place the false eyelash on to the lashes and push upwards. You want this to be touching the base of your lash line, not anywhere near the eye lid.
  • I prefer to use tweezers at all times because it really helps to have control and to give a precision application. As you can see once again I’m holding the eye lid taut and putting the eye lashes right on the outer corners of the eye.
  • Look up.
  • As you can see, this opens up the eye just leaving that beautiful definition on the corner of the eye.

Once again to be able to use false eye lashes to make the eyes look more awake, look for eye lashes that are simply used on the corner of the eye. They’re called half lashes. These will really help to open up the eyes, give you a nice sexy awake look and are very easy to use at home.

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Guide To Fake Lashes

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There’s a ton of different options out there for you, but I’m going to tell you about some of the easiest and the most natural false eyelashes out there.
  • My first suggestion is, when looking for glue, I prefer the glues that are dark tone. I feel that this blends best with your eyelash and it keeps the glue from looking fake or sometimes giving a white overcast.

There are a couple of different options as well for natural looking false eyelash.

  • You can do individual lashes which are lashes that you place on in place that either are little sparse or if you just want a few lashes on the corners of your eyes to add a little bit of length and to open up the eyes that way. T
  • he next type of lashes is a little bit thicker. This is a type of eyelash look if you’re looking for volume and thickness. You want to concentrate on the false lashes that are dense.
  • The last set of lashes that I tend to like to use are lashes that help to provide a lengthening look. These lashes tend to be separated with the tips being longer. This gives you a wide-eyed look that is really gorgeous and helps to look great for a night out on the town.

That’s your basic guide to false eyelashes . Like I said, there are so many options and different lengths, different thickness and even different colors out there that you can play with. So, have fun and start with a natural look and go from there.

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Velour Lashes

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Velour Lashes

Velour Lashes For Realistic, Soft, Safe Eyelashes

For those times when you truly want your lashes to stand out, fake lashes add a bit more length and fullness. While they may look great, I hate trying to find the right synthetic lashes that not only last throughout the night, but don’t end up irritating my eyes. As usual, celebrities found the perfect solution – mink eyelashes. Before you say anything, no minks are ever harmed as the lashes are made from the fur the minks shed naturally.

Velour Lashes were an amazing find for me. Since I’m extremely sensitive to synthetic eyelashes, any alternative that looks real and doesn’t end up making my eyes red and puffy is instantly going to catch my attention. While I admit they are more expensive, I can use them up to 25 times each as long as I’m careful with them. Most start at $59.99, though you can get them on sale at times starting at $29.99.

The wide variety of styles for all occasions means I never have to settle for a single look. From fairy tale princess to more realistic full lashes, your eyes will look amazing. Plus, you can get both upper and lower lashes. If you want something that’s soft, beautiful and will make your friends green with envy, you’ve got to try Velour Lashes’ mink lashes for your next special night out.

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