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Cosmetics to Conceal a Dark Circle

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Today we’re gonna be talking about cosmetics to conceal a dark circle. Now dark circles can really be a frustration for those of us that suffer from them. I know, I’m one of them. They can instantly make you look really tired and just kind of take down the look vibrancy of your face. It’s one of my biggest frustrations. But, the good thing is there are a lot of amazing concealers and correctors out there that can make you look wide awake and absolutely banish those dark circles. These are a few of my favorites. I absolutely love It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye. I mean the name just says it all. It’s very dense, it has a great amount of coverage, and the colors are all a peach base, which is the key to banishing those blue undertones of your dark circles. Another one that I love is new NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. It has a light reflecting quality to it, once again a beautiful peach base, really really wonderful for those days when you don’t need as heavy as a coverage, but still want to make sure that you have that brightness under the eye. And last but not least, I absolutely love SmashBox Cosmetics Photo Op Under Eye Brightener for midday touch ups. It has a really nice kind of shimmer to it that’s not too overwhelming and helps to really brighten up the look of the eyes during the day when you might be getting a little bit tired and those circles tend to pop back up. So I hope that helps, and I hope that you try out these cosmetics to help your dark circles.

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IT Cosmetics

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I have to admit that when it comes to cosmetics brands, I usually find one or two hero products that I adore, and then kind of feel “meh” about the rest.  It comes in waves, and I usually feel like my love affairs are brief, passionate, and unfortunately sometimes fleeting. Like all of us, I can be fiercely loyal to my old tried and true brands that I have been using for years, and even sometimes (sheepishly admits) can get in a “favorite makeup rut”. Yes, even us beauty gals do it too.  

Enter IT Cosmetics by Jamie Kern.  I have fallen in love with this brand.  I was given a sample to try out a few weeks ago and did a review of the products that were a special QVC promo (see the original post here), and knew then that I had found a brand worth exploring. Their products seemed innovative and the payoff was impressive.

So, being the very dutiful beauty blogger, I tried out some more products that seemed to fit my everyday needs.  Here are my newest obsessions:

Bye Bye Under Eye:  This little goodie is going on my list of favorite concealers.  It is a powerhouse of a product that is waterproof and covers even the darkest of circles (which I have in spades).  I also love that the undertone is peach, therefore eliminating my need for an extra color corrector. 

Airbrush Illuminizer: Another new addition to the favorites list. I have afew foundations that this product has helped bring back from the dead. It imparts a very subtle glow to the skin, and illuminates any foundation you buff it over.  The first time I wore it, I let out a “oooooh” sound….and then my boyfriend said I looked extra pretty that day.  Enough said. 

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