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How to Get J-Lo’s Dark & Smokey Eyes

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Today’s question is how do I get J-Lo’s dark and smoky eye look. You want to make sure that you are using a nice deep dark bronze, a deep plum and really build it up. J-Lo likes to play with color. So, she’s definitely not one for a natural eye. You want to make sure that the colors aren’t black or too harsh. As you can tell with her bronze look, J-Lo really really loves to play around with different versions of brown, mahogany, bronze and a nude lip. In the video above we’ve already started on the look so far. Our model has as a nice, kind of graduated plum with a little bit of bronze in the corners of her eyes. This has already started the look as a bronze kind of version of that smoky eye. She has a nice soft peach on the cheeks to give her that J-Lo glow and the nude lip that J-Lo is really famous for. Now I’ll show you how to take it that extra step and make it that dark and smoky look that she rocks on the red carpet.
  • first, we’re going to add a little bit of extra pop of color. Like I said, J-Lo really likes to emphasize the eyes and keep the rest of the face bronzy and nude.
  • So I’m going to add a really beautiful plum purple all around the eye to kind of brighten it up. This is just enhancing the already smoky look and adding that extra bright pop of color. As you can see, that’s already really giving it a sexy look.
  • To finish the look we’re going to add a beautiful shimmering mauve. This will really pump up the eye and make them look smoky and sexy.

There you go, that’s an easy tip and trick on how to get J-Lo’s dark and smoky eye look!


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