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How to Wear Magenta Lipstick

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Today’s question is, “How to wear magenta lipstick?”

You can either do it a couple of ways. You can do a clean classic face with the dark magenta lip or you can do what we’re about to show you right now which is a very dramatic theatrical look with the magenta lip being the center focus and the eye shadow having complementary colors.

As you can see in the video above, we’ve created a really dramatic and beautiful look with the eyes. Those soft purples of plums are going to enhance and compliment this deep magenta lip.

With a dark color, you always want to apply with a lip brush to make sure that you get a precise look on the lip, and that you really have a lot of control with the application. Now, as you can see, this was a really dramatic and stunning look with the magenta lips being the focus, but the eyes still having that sultry look that just enhances the deep undertones of the magenta lip. 


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Prime Beauty Blog: 12 Best Beauty Tips for Women Over 40!

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Last week, I happily added my two cents to an amazing list of beauty tips for women over 40. The blog Prime Beauty Blog put together a great post that not only includes some very cool beauty tricks, but gets its info from some of the top beauty bloggers around.  Enjoy! “When trying to come up with some original beauty tips for this post, I fell short of inspiration so I enlisted the help of my awesome beauty blogger friends. I asked them for their best secrets for the over 40 crowd and here they are!”

  • As we age, our eyelashes don’t grow as quickly so I use a heated eyelash curler to give me the appearance of longer, fuller lashes. ~ Prime Beauty
  • Using a good primer that will help even out fine lines in the skin and give you a smooth surface to apply foundation. I recommend Laura Gellar Spackle Under Makeup-Primer or Too Faced Primed & Poreless. I also recommend Paula’s Choice RESIST Anti-Aging Foundation if you need light to medium coverage. -Phyrra
  • While you can’t completely erase sun damage on your face, you can fade how dark it appears by applying topical Vitamin C daily. Be sure to look for brands that use a stable form of Vitamin C, as unstable Vitamin C will oxidize, turn brown and render ineffective. My recommendation is Inviciblescars. A Girl’s Gotta Spa
  • Try red LED light for anti-aging, even if wrinkles are not showing up yet. Red light devices are getting more and more affordable, and they work quite well to address not just fine line and wrinkles, but also discoloration. They can make your skin look brighter and healthier overall. It is a splurge item that is well worth the money. Beauty and Fashion Tech.
  • See a dermatologist and see what kind of low to no downtime procedures that can improve your concerns. A heavy peel, micro dermabrasion, laser or DermaPen treatment can temporarily slow or stop the clock. See a dermatologist for a consult and see what might work for you! Gouldylox Reviews
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The 5 Looks of Ashley Simpson at #NYFW 2013

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This post is one of my favorites, since it shows how many different looks you can achieve (ahhh, the power of makeup!).

Once again, Nick Barose worked his magic.  These five looks very in intensity, but are an amazing example of how alittle creativity and switching up your lipsticks, and application techniques can give you such a wide array of looks! 

Which beauty look is your favorite?

LOOK 1: (PICTURE ABOVE) 90's supermodel Chic

  • We went with strong arch dark brows with matte everything from matte brown smoky eyes ( Estee Lauder 5 Colours Eyeshadows in Bronze Dunes)
  • Matte nude lips with 90's essentials Mac lip pencil in Spice, remember those? all the cool sexy people used to line their lips with it.

Look 2: Rockstar eyes with glued on jewels

  • ( you can't really see here but in the hi-res pic you can see we glued rhinestones to her inner corners of eyes, )
  • Sephora Jumbo 12 Hrs Liner in Brown was used all around 

" A dark smoky eyes can look too serious sometimes so by funking it up with rhinestones, it add a fun rock star elements to it"

LOOK 3: Orange lips with Bronze smoky eyes: "Orange is in interesting color for lips, it's less expected than red and definitely more youthful and fun, a good way to look glam but quirky with out being too formal " Pair it with shimmery coppery bronze smoky eyes. ( Products used:MAC Lipstick in Morange, and Chanel Duo Eyeshadows in 37 Sables) 

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Marietta Carter-Narcisse Makeup Artist Journal

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As a freelance makeup artist, we are required to wear many hats.  We must learn how to find the best products, run our own business, network, and keep everything organized and flowing smoothly.  

One of my mentors in this industry is Marietta Carter-Narcisse. She has been an influential artist in the movie world, and most recently was the department head for the movie Sparkle. Being the woman of wisdom that she is, she created a Weekly Planner for the working makeup artist.  This is SUCH a needed product. 

You can grab the planner by visiting THIS LINK: The planner includes:

Upcoming Events:

  • Makeup Artist Trade Shows
  • Award Shows
  • Film Festivals
  • Fashion Weeks
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Hooded Eye Makeup Secrets by GreeneStreetBeauty!

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hooded with water mark

To start off the New Year, I wanted to share a new venture that my two friends and beauty gurus have created.  Kim Greene and Melissa Street have been working on the new tutorial site GreeneStreetBeauty, and are rocking YouTube with their amazing tips, humor, and beauty goodness.  Both of these women have been incredibly influential to me, and are a force in the industry.  In the video and post below, Kim Greene shows you how to correct a Hooded Eye.  Please show some support and Facebook love for these fantastic artists and all around ridiculously cool women.  Enjoy!! 

Corrective makeup – The Hooded Eye by Kim Greene:

“I happen to have hooded eyes. I used to be ok with them but as I’ve gotten older they really make me look tired. And you should see them after a 15 hour day! My eyes look closed, even when they’re not. Ok, I’m being dramatic but bottom line is I’m very familiar with this specific corrective makeup.

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Kevin James Bennett Interview and Pop Up Shop!

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As I have said many times before, when Kevin James Bennett suggests I go out and get a product, I listen.  Most recently, Kevin, the “MacGyver of Makeup”, opened up his own pop up shop on OpenSky.com.  Below, he answers my questions, and shares his best information.  Enjoy! 

1) How can an everyday woman interpret the latest trends from Fashion Week.
You don’t have to “copy” a runway look to get in on the trend. Pick one makeup element that resonated with you. It could be eyes, lip color, even blush or bronzer placement. Layer that single element into your normal makeup routine and give it test drive. If you love it, make it your signature style for the season. Hate it – it’s only makeup, wash it off and try a new feature.

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Get The Look: Emily Blunt

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Emily Blunt Looper premiere Toronto Film Festival 2012

 Emily Blunt turned heads at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Looper last night. The British stunner, sporting newly blonde locks (which I still not so sure about) and a tight, lovely mauve Roland Mouret dress, had an ethereal glow orchestrated by makeup artist Jenn Streicher. Streicher used makeup from one of my favorite brands, Hourglass to play up luminous skin, smoky eyes and nude matte lips.

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