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Cosmetics to Conceal a Dark Circle

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Today we're gonna be talking about cosmetics to conceal a dark circle. Now dark circles can really be a frustration for those of us that suffer from them. I know, I'm one of them. They can instantly make you look really tired and just kind of take down the look vibrancy of your face. It's one of my biggest frustrations. But, the good thing is there are a lot of amazing concealers and correctors out there that can make you look wide awake and absolutely banish those dark circles. These are a few of my favorites. I absolutely love It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye. I mean the name just says it all. It's very dense, it has a great amount of coverage, and the colors are all a peach base, which is the key to banishing those blue undertones of your dark circles. Another one that I love is new NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. It has a light reflecting quality to it, once again a beautiful peach base, really really wonderful for those days when you don't need as heavy as a coverage, but still want to make sure that you have that brightness under the eye. And last but not least, I absolutely love SmashBox Cosmetics Photo Op Under Eye Brightener for midday touch ups. It has a really nice kind of shimmer to it that's not too overwhelming and helps to really brighten up the look of the eyes during the day when you might be getting a little bit tired and those circles tend to pop back up. So I hope that helps, and I hope that you try out these cosmetics to help your dark circles.

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Top 5 Quick & Easy Beauty Tips!

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Quick and Easy Tips: Take the “Time” Out of Timeless Beauty! 

In the world of “I needed that yesterday”, it helps if a lady can cut down on her primping time without sacrificing great face. Thankfully, cosmetic companies everywhere have felt our pain and created a plethora of products to suffice. Here are our top five favorites!

• Nars ~ The Multiple. Not only are these colors gorgeous on nearly every skin tone, but this gem packs a double punch by being the go to item for both cheeks and lips.

Stila ~ Convertible Eye Color. Gone are the days of searching through your beauty drawer for eye shadow, liner, and the tools to perform the magic. This multitasker has eyeliner on one end, a tool for smudging and blending on the other end, and a coordinated eye shadow color inside.


Guerlain ~ Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara. Most mascaras promise volume OR length but let’s face it, the average girl needs it all! Instead of wasting money on two different mascaras, this one comes with one formula and two brushes. One brush has long bristles for length and basic volume, the other with small bristles for tackling hard to reach spots like corners and bottom lashes to create depth.

Garnier Fructis ~ Miracle Dry Oil. Ever wish you could use just one lotion or moisturizer for your face, body, and hair? Wish granted! Made from olive and avocado extracts, this oil is light enough to use on the face but still has enough moisture muscle to tackle dry, frizzy hair.

Sally Hansen ~ Complete Salon Manicure. While a salon manicure always looks amazing, who really has the time? This polish has a base coat, color, and top coat all built into one time saving bottle.

by Sian Bitner Kearney

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Natural Looking Makeup!

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Many summer looks might be packed with bright and crazy colors but there is something to be said for the minimalist. Whether it’s a picnic at the park or a romantic date night, the naked look is the perfect match for the hot summer ahead. This look is soft, sensual, natural, and easy to pull off with the right tools. Follow these steps and go naked tonight!

Because you are going for a “natural beauty” look here, the face should be flawless. This look requires something lighter than the average foundation but with more coverage than a BB crème. The Naked Skin foundation by Urban Decay is the perfect tool for flawless skin. It provides optimal coverage but is infused with light making it look less like makeup and more like gorgeous skin.
To piggy back on that gorgeous glow you’ve started with foundation, try adding a highlighter like Candlelight Glow from Too Faced. Applying the highlighter to cheeks bones, nose, temples, and inner corners of the eyes makes the skin look luminous and flawless in any light.

While the general rule of thumb with the nude look is to stick with neutral colors, adding a slight pop of color to cheeks keeps your complexion from looking sickly or washed out. Apply NARS blush in Orgasm to apples of cheeks for the perfect complement to the naked background.

The eyes in this look are very natural. No dark smoky looks or heavy liner. Simply apply a shade of brown, gold, or bronze to the eye (or layer a few colors if you desire a bolder affect). We love the warm shades in Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette. Next skip the liner and focus on the lashes. No need for heavy black mascara either. Simply apply 2-3 coats of a dark brown like the black/brown shade from Neutrogena Healthy Lengths and voila… your naked eye is complete.

Much like the cheeks, you’re looking for just a pop of color here. Keeping lips too nude will make you look like a corpse, and adding too much color will eradicate the whole point of the nude face. Choose a gloss in a shade of pink close to natural lips like NARS Space NK lip gloss in Sweet Revenge and your nude face is ready to bare to the world!


Get the Look: Go Naked!!  by Sian Bitner Kearney

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Makeup Trends for Winter: 2013

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by Sian Bitner Kearney: 

As the brightly colored leaves of fall slowly turn to brown, the winter season is creeping into view. You may be aware that winter calls for a new wardrobe but did you know that it’s also time to update your look? Not to fret. We have the top five beauty trends to keep you looking hot as the temperature drops this winter season!

#1 – Bold Brows
True, this trend has been seen in seasons before but there is no time like the present to rock a bold brow. If you’re lucky enough to be born with great brows, be certain to keep them shaped by getting them waxed or threaded regularly. Feeling a bit thin in that area? Grab yourself a prescription for Latisse. You should start seeing growth in about a month.

#2 – Jewel Toned Eyes
While you may be tempted to stick to your basic brown eyeshadow, now is the best time to add a little edge to your look. Shades of purple, green, gold, and blue are popping up everywhere this season, and we must admit… we love it! Pick your favorite hue (we suggest Urban Decay’s Vice Palette 2), and make your eyes the focal point of your look.

#3 – Mega Lashes
Nothing says I’m ready for a holiday party like big, beautiful lashes! Whether you choose to add a few fake lashes to your look or opt for a great mascara (we love Benefit’s They’re Real), the bigger the lash, the trendier the look.

#4 – Soft Cheeks
Sure, a long walk on a brisk winter morning may give you a temporary glow but what about the rest of your day? This season is all about tossing the bronzer to the side and bringing out the blush. Avoid a deep fuchsia or plum color and stick with softer shades of pink and peach with a little hint of sparkle (try NARS Super Orgasm for a flawless flush.)

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NARS Radiant Cream Compact

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NARS Creamy Compact

Foundation For Your Purse

I've used some compact foundations before, but for the most part, I wasn't a big fan. I always felt I wasn't getting as much coverage or as many benefits. It usually felt heavy on my skin as well. NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation is lightweight without sacrificing coverage. As the name implies, it's a cream based foundation that fits easily in a compact for carrying in your purse or for travel. My opinion on compact foundation has officially changed.

NARS gives you more than just coverage, it also boosts moisture levels. Within 12 hours, you can expect a boost of up to 80%. With more moisture, you'll see fewer fine lines and wrinkles. If you struggle with dry skin at all, you will want to give this foundation a try.

I love that you can apply the foundation either wet or dry. The creamy texture has a slightly damp feel, but with a wet brush you can better control coverage for trouble areas. Another thing I really like is the compact itself. You buy the compact and then choose any NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation you want. An easy to use sponge is included, but you can use your favorite foundation brush instead. With 16 shades at only $38, you're sure to find the right shade at a good price.


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Get The Look: Kerry Washington for Scandal Season

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Kerry Washington

Are you as obsessed with Scandal as I am?! I was glued to my television last night. Obsessed! One of my favorite parts of the show is the phenomenal actors and actresses on the show.  And Kerry Washington is such a luminous and stunning actress that her look is always flawless.  

Just this week, NARS worked with makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Anderson to create multiple beauty looks for Kerry Washington as she promoted the Season 3 premiere of Scandal in New York.

Makeup Artist: Brigitte Reiss-Anderson for NARS Cosmetics

 “I am always inspired by the clothing. When I saw Kerry’s white dress, it was easy to see what I needed to do: sheer, fresh and light. The new Radiant Cream Compact Foundations worked perfectly for this look.”

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Friday Top 5

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1) NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil Frivolous: I currently have two of these pencils in my purse, and love layering them and feeling how soft and buttery they are in my lips. The other bonus is that the staying power is amazing. They last and last. Makeup Artist Tip: Use these lovely pencils as a cheek stain as well!

2) CoverGirl Lip Perfection: For those of you that love a sheer stain, and a budget friendly find, than look no further.  The colors are luscious and smooth and hydrate the lips with a soft veil of color.  If you are scarred of darker colors, this might be a great way to try out a deep red that is sheer and easy to get used to. 

3) Buxom Lip Pencil: This tints like a stain, shines like a gloss, moisturizes like a balm, and plumps like nobody's business. A built-in sharpener makes this perfect for on the go or travel touch ups.  Definitely a lot of color impact. 

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