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Celebs Find Beauty in their Pantry

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I’m always checking to see how my favorite celebrities always seem to look so perfect. I found a trend. Many of their beauty secrets are right in my own pantry. I’d never have thought I could whiten my teeth, soften my skin or even treat my acne with stuff I already had on hand for completely different purposes.

Tasty White Teeth

This one has to come first simply because it’s my favorite. If you’ve ever envied Catherine Zeta Jones’s pearly whites, add strawberries to your brushing routine. She mixes baking soda and smashed strawberries to create her own whitening paste. Not only does it taste pretty good, but it works.

Oil For Shiny, Healthy Hair

I’m not a huge guacamole fan, but Kate del Castillo’s hair mask trick works wonders. For dry hair, it’s an absolute must. She mixes almond oil and mashed avocado and applies as a mask. After washing out, hair is much shinier.

While you might not have castor oil on hand, your grandmother probably does. Once again, Catherine Zeta Jones has a perfect trick for healthier hair. She brushes a small amount of castor oil and her hair is beautiful and shiny.

A Night Cap For Soft Skin

I haven’t tried this one, but I’m intrigued. While we’ve all heard a glass of red wine is good us, did you know you can bathe in it for softer skin? Teri Hatcher swears by it. Of course, one look at her skin and maybe it’s time to pour my wine in the tub instead of a glass. My advice is to use the cheap stuff for bath time. Just a few glasses worth is all you need.

Turn Any Cleanser Into An Exfoliator

If you need light exfoliation, you don’t have to buy a special product. Jessica Biel adds just two teaspoons of sugar to her favorite cleanser. Alternatives include baking soda, oatmeal and even salt. However, I personally found salt to be a bit too abrasive for sensitive skin.

Brush Your Pimples

I hate when I have something big planned the next day and a bright red pimple pops up the before I go to bed. I personally tried Jennifer Love Hewitt’s solution and it did make a major difference. The pimple wasn’t gone completely, but it went from glow in the dark to easily coverable overnight. She places a tiny amount of plain toothpaste on the pimple and lets it dry overnight. It dries out zits and reduces redness. Remember, plain toothpaste and not gel or specialty varieties.

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Airelle Berrimatrix Eye & Lip Treatment

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Airelle Berrimatrix Eye & Lip Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid is one of those products that makes you wonder what you ever did without it. It’s one of those little beauty secrets that makeup artists and celebrities stash in their bag, and count on to keep them looking amazing. This jewel is also a dual action master!  Not only does it kill even the worst under eye baggage, but it takes care of your lippy area as well. My biggest tip is to keep this little gem in the fridge for a cool blast of de-puffing magic.Airelle’s founder is a dermatology expert, which is something I always adore in a skincare line.  Yet, one of the things I love most is the fact that all the products are handmade, and based off of the very powerful unique extract from the Maine blueberry plant that boasts an exceptionally high antioxidant content. 

The roller ball application also helps to encourage circulation, and feel like a little mini massage around the eye area.  


  • Powerful target treatment for trouble areas.
  • Designed to firm and smooth the delicate skin around the eyes and lips.
  • Fine lines and puffy eyes are improved with roller ball applicator.
  • Hyaluronic Acid helps texture appear noticeably tighter, softer and smoother after applying.
  • Use twice daily for best results.
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Soy Nail Polish Remover

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Is Soy Nail Polish Remover Worth The Wait?

I recently found out about soy nail polish remover and I have to admit that I’m on the fence. After all, it seems like everywhere I go I’m bombarded with soy foods that are supposed to be good for me. Do I really need to put it on my nails too? What’s wrong with good old fashioned acetone? Okay, so acetone may not be the best thing for my nails, but you have to admit it does get the job done.

Switching to Soy

I have a new nail color every few days, especially during the summer when my toes are proudly on display in the latest adorable sandals. I need something powerful that will strip away all the color, even when I opt for dark shades like red, midnight blue and even black. I was curious, so I decided to try soy nail polish remover for a few weeks.

First off, I definitely liked the smell better. There is still an odor, but nothing near as strong as acetone based polish removers. Next, I had a small cut near the cuticle of one nail. I was prepared for the standard sting, but the natural option didn’t leave my finger throbbing.

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