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Eye Makeup Ideas For Prom

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Eye Makeup Ideas for Prom — powered by ehow

The one thing I see a lot of times with prom makeup is that everyone wants to go for the smoky eye. The smokey eye can tend to be very dark and very harsh. What I like to do instead is pick a really gorgeous color such as a shimmery purple and use that to enhance the eye.

  • Use a simple black liner on the top of the eye near the lash line and then apply the pigment.
  • Choose a simple nice shimmery pigment, as these tend to blend well, and create a illuminated look for the eye. I chose a really beautiful bright purple shimmer pigment by OCC cosmetics.
  • As you can see in the vidoe I’m keeping it close to the lash line where the black eyeliner is and with feather-like strokes slowly moving it up toward the center of the eye.
  • This graduates the color so that the most intense part of the color is near the lash line. As you can see in the video, it instantly gives a really beautiful bright look that isn’t as dark as most of the smoky eye looks for prom.
  • By having a lighter color, enhancing that black liner it’s a softer, more vibrant version of the smoky eye.
  • To make it even more formal for your prom, take that color and with an eyeliner brush, bring it under the eye as close to the lash line as possible.

By using a deeper shimmer pigment instead of darker eye shadow colors, you get a soft romantic look that is still formal and a lot more fancy than the normal colors that you’d wear to school.


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Top Products of 2012

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Get The Look: Debby Ryan

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Debby Ryan TeenVogue 10thAnniversary

Makeup and hair is a true expression when you are still in your teens.  It is the perfect time to experiment with color, and different trends. The trick is still keeping it age appropriate and not over saturating your face with too much makeup.  That is why I love the look created for Disney star Debby Ryan by makeup artist Elle Leary, and hairstylist Brian Magallones.

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

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Lip Tar

I have always been fascinated with  mixing my own colors.  One of my favorite things to do as a makeup artist is to create a color by mixing different mediums.  There are so many fantastic pigments, glimmers, creams and paints that you can make any color you desire.   Makeup companies have really responded to the makeup artists cries for new and inventive products that will let our creativity explode! 

One of the best companies out there for makeup artists is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  They embrace the philosophy that makeup has no boundaries, and should inspire you to think outside the box.  Their products are vegan, and the quality is stellar.  They are called Obsessive Compulsive because you can never get enough!

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