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Learn To Appreciate Yourself

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During this Mother's Day, I wanted to find something that reminded us all to be kind to ourselves.  I know so many of my friends, who are amazing mothers, yet forget to remind themselves just how phenomenal they are.  I think we all forget this from time to time.  So, on this mother's day, I wanted to share this article with you in hopes that you will never forget your own perfection.  Be kind to yourself. Love and appreciate yourself. 


Isn’t It Time to Stop Judging Yourself?

By Stacey Colino for Life & Beauty Weekly

Bad habits aren’t limited to things like nail biting and procrastination. For women, one of the most common and insidious habits is being overly critical or judgmental of themselves. What’s worse, a pattern of self-criticism can become so ingrained, you might not even notice you’re doing it.

“It’s a huge issue for women,” says Alice Domar, who has a doctorate in health psychology and is the author of Be Happy Without Being Perfect. “We criticize ourselves from morning to night, and all that negative self-talk puts you at risk for depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.”

You can learn to silence your inner critic and become more accepting of yourself, however. Start with these strategies:

1. Listen to yourself.
The first step is to recognize when you’re engaging in negative self-talk. Decide to spend a day tuned into your thoughts about yourself and jot down every comment. That night, count how many are negative.

Seeing in ink how many times you call yourself a bad mother or berate your lack of diet willpower helps you realize just how critical you’re being. “It’s a big wake-up call,” says Domar.

2. Be honest.
Now that you’re better tuned in, when you “hear” criticism, ask yourself four questions, says Domar: "Is this thought logical? Is it true? Does this thought contribute to my stress? Where did it come from?" In most cases, your answers will be, "No, it’s not logical or true. Yes, it stresses me out." And the thought originally came from a former boss, a judgmental relative or a mean teacher you had in high school.

By paying attention to and dissecting the criticism in this way, you can better realize that the criticism isn’t valid. And that’s a crucial first step toward stopping it.

3. Avoid the comparison game.
Comparing yourself to others doesn’t do anything but make you feel bad. It’s unfair and damaging to reprimand yourself because you’re not as thin as one friend or as organized as another. “There will always be someone who will exceed you in some part of life,” says Pauline Wallin, who has a doctorate in clinical psychology and has written Taming Your Inner Brat.

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Afrobella “Make Your Own Runway, Define Your Own Beauty”

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 There are certain people who simply radiate.  The types of people who walk into a room, and fill it with warmth, and beauty.  To me, Patrice Grell Yursik of Afrobella is one of those very people.  Not only is her blog fantastic, but she inspires those around her to embrace their own, individual beauty.  

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Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

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Everyone knows how much I absolutely adore (ADORE!!) the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and Self Esteem Fund.  Their ad campaigns are thought provoking, and challenge the way the media thinks about beauty.  They seem to embrace women and all our different, lovely, beautiful shapes and sizes.  They celebrate our flaws, and try to encourage us with their ad’s that showcase amazing REAL women.  Please take a moment to visit the Dove website, and read about their inspiring campaign to help young girls gain self esteem by appreciating their own personal beauty.  This commercial is just one of many that remind me to love my body, scars and all.  Enjoy!!

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