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Get Gorgeous Brows

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Beauty Looks ~ It’s All About the Brows Baby!

Remember the days of plucking your brows down to what felt like their very last strand? It was time consuming and although on trend, in hindsight not very attractive. Thank God in today’s beauty world, brows are back!! This look is all about a strong but structured brow to give your face natural drama and dimension. Here are the tools you’ll need to achieve this look:

White out: Before shaping brows, use a white eye pencil and an eyebrow stencil (we recommend one by Senna Cosmetics) to determine your best arch and trace it out.

Pencil me in: Next, use a brow pencil to fill in the shape of the brow and then use a brow powder to give the brow more depth. To choose the right color, follow this simple rule: for blondes, go one shade darker than your hair color, for brunettes go one shade lighter. Redheads should try to stay as close to their shade as possible or choose a very light brown.

Shape n Tweeze: Now that you have the size and shape you desire, use tweezers to pluck stray brows. Be careful not to over pluck as more is more here, and no one wants a repeat of a bad early 90’s brow (Sorry Pam Anderson!)

Welcome back brows: Guilty of over plucking for the last decade and now have little brow to speak of? No worries, the latest brow serums, like this one from Anastasia Beverly Hills, are guaranteed to bring awesome back to your arch. It may take a few months of consistent application, but no one ever said beauty was easy right?

by Sian Bitner Kearney

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How Can I Get My Eyebrows Lighter Without Dyeing Them?

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Today, we’re going to talk about how to get your eyebrows lighter without dyeing them. Actually, it’s as easy as using a cream based eye shadow. That’s it!

Use an eye shadow on top of your eyebrows to lightly give a lighter and softer colored look to your brows without having to dye them. with an eyebrow brush simply use the lighter eye shadow color and brush it towards the ear, along and on top of the eyebrow hairs. It’s really that simple.

My favorite brand for eyebrow products, or for an amazing cream based eye shadow is Senna Cosmetics. I use it in my professional and personal kit, and couldn’t recommend the brand more! 

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