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Makeup For Rainy Weather

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Rainy Day Makeup

Today I was inspired by the cold and drizzly weather here in Southern California.  I used to think that a nasty rainy day meant that I was limited to waterproof mascara, and some lip gloss....but not anymore!  Although waterproof makeup is usually thought of as a summer staple, I find that I have incorporated it into my makeup arsenal for all seasons.  An allergy attack, sad movie, or blistery Spring day have nothing on me now.  Below I have put together some of my favorite waterproof makeup products that can be used intermittently, or as a permanent addition to your makeup routine.

For rainy days, I usually stick with my new favorite Stila Waterproof smudgesticks, some Tarte 12 hour blush, my Hourglass Waterproof Bronzer for warmth, and a good waterproof concealer (Lancome has one of the best). 

Makeup Artist Tips: During bad weather days, I tend to use a light hand with powder, and foundation.  When the wind is torturing your face, excess makeup will simply smear right off.  Stick to a good tinted moisturizer, and a waterproof concealer.  And when all else fails...sunglasses will cover those watery eyes!

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Waterproof Makeup Tips

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Waterproof makeup

Don't Melt Away

If you've ever watched a sappy movie or TV show, you'd think we're living in the 50s. Makeup has evolved! I never go out of the house or watch a sad movie with my guy unless I have waterproof mascara on. While dramatic, having your makeup stream down your face isn't attractive. Frankly, I find it scarier than the bad guys in horror movies.

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How to Make Pencil Liner Last Longer on Your Waterline

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Well, the first trick is making sure that your eye pencil is waterproof. Because your eyes naturally lubricate and sometimes water, you want to make sure that you're using a pencil made to withstand that. So a waterproof pencil is key!

  • The trick is making sure that as you're applying the pencil, you breathe in through your nose and out through your nose. This is an old yoga trick that actually helps to prevent your eyes from watering! I use this technique on all my clients.  
  • When you're using an eye pencil in your water line, once again you want to make sure that you're breathing in and out through your nose. This helps to prevent the eyes from watering.
  • You also want to pull the eye lid up and look up as much as possible. That way you can get very close to the base of the lashes where the water line is.
  • When your lining with a pencil on the lower part of your water line, you want to pull the eye lid taut this way so that you're bringing it down and giving yourself a steady hand.
  • Hold the lash line down and slowly fill it in in tiny spaces.
  • If you need to blink, give yourself a second.
  • Once again pull down and in tiny tiny little strokes fill in the water line.

Remember, use a waterproof pencil and make sure that you're holding your eye taut to give you some stability when you're doing this. Breathe in through your nose, breathe out through your nose, and get that sexy look in no time.


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Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow Duo’s

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Tarte tarte lock & roll Eyeshadow Duo, Amethyst 1 ea

I got a new car this weekend and in honor of my new silver Toyota Rav4  I thought I’d do a quick post about  my favorite silver eyeshadow.  Lately I have been in love with all things Tarte Cosmetics.  They are a great company, and most of their products are so easy to use, and have multiple uses.  Great for women on the go, who want a no muss-no fuss makeup line.  My current love is their Lock & Roll eyeshadow duo’s.  These inventive little wands hold a waterproof cream on one end and a loose eyeshadow on the other.  The eyeshadow comes out perfectly thanks to a roller ball.  This stuff STAYS ON FOREVER!

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