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Clinique Men’s Non-Streak Bronzer:

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Mens Bronzer


Made for a Man but Perfect for a Woman?

by Sian Bitner Kearney

With summer surrounding me and a closet full of skirts and shorts to sport, I began to look at my gleaming white legs in fear believing that if anyone outside of my bedroom were to see them, they’d surely mistake me for a reject from some crazy vampire movie. In the past, I’d always tanned; outside sunbathing, tanning salons, anything and everything to stay golden. Unfortunately a double diagnosis of melanoma a year and a half ago left my options for being bronzed quite limited. While spray tans and sunless tanners did give me a good color, thanks to years of sun damage they also stained my unknown age spots leaving my legs looking like a leopard. Sure, were I a flaxen beauty like Charlize Theron or Scarlett Johansson, I’d likely embrace my fair flesh and get on with it, but me being me I continued to search for other options.

In a desperate shopping moment at the Clinique counter, I came across a non-streak bronzer for men. Immediately the lady behind the counter said, “Have you ever used that?” I quickly responded, “No,” as this was a men’s line and despite the lack of femininity I was sporting that day I was clearly still a woman. To my surprise, she went on to say how dozens of her female clients had been grabbing these tubes up by the dozens and swearing that the non-streak, waterproof formula gave them a glow to die for. Intrigued I immediately purchased a tube and rushed home to try it! So here’s the good and the bad…

The good:

This bronzer does give a beautiful glow. While it’s meant for the face, it can be used all over the body. It take very little product to cover an area and because the color is what it will be when you apply it, you can tell immediately if you’ve missed any spots. The bronzer also did not seem to darken my age spots as much as the self-tanner did. The product is also a steal ($19 retail), and a tube will last you close to a month.

The bad:

Unlike self-tanners, this is a one-night stand kind of product. While it is supposed to be waterproof and sweat proof, it washes off with soap and water in the shower so if you like to be bronze every day, this will be another step in your daily routine. The only other downfall is that I found it was better to moisturize before, wait 10 minutes and then apply, otherwise the moisturizer seemed to fade the color a little.
So for those of you longing to be bronzed but lacking the desire to commit, give this men’s wonder product a try, I promise you’ll be happy that you did.

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