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How To Bring Out Indian Skin

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One of my favorite tricks, is good, old fashioned bronzer and a highlighter. These give a really beautiful glow, and helps to enhance the beautiful yellow and orange undertones of the India skin tone.
  • Use a bronzer that is not too pink and has a really beautiful yellow base.
  • You want a beautiful bronzer that does not have a lot of shimmer in it.
  • When applying the bronzer, you want to hit the places where the sun naturally hits the forehead. So, the forehead, the cheek bones, and a little bit on the chin.
  • With the highlighter, you simply want to hit the top of the cheek bones, make sure it's blended, a little bit on the top of the eyelid. And then, you can even do a tiny bit right there on the pout to make the lips look fuller.
  • You can continue to add a little bit more bronzer, if you feel you want some more color to the cheeks.
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How to Conceal Under-Eye Imperfections Without Foundation

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The first trick is to make sure that you have a product that is an eye brightener and an eye enhancer. You're looking for something with a peach undertone that has light-reflecting qualities to it. This will really help to brighten up the eye and to help the fact that you won't have to use as much foundation or concealer. As you can see from the video above, the products have a peach-champagne tone base with a bit of light-reflecting qualities to it.

  • When put over the eye, they help to diffuse fine lines and dark circles and give the eye a wide awake and fresh look.
  • You're going to want to put this where your darkest circles are and that's right in this triangle. I like to pat it in with my fingers to warm up the product and really help to have it soak into the skin.
  • If you prefer to use a sponge or a brush, make sure that you pat it into the skin so that it stays on and isn't wiped away. You can instantly see how this brightened up the eye.
  • If you feel that you still need coverage, you can use an eye brightening or illuminating concealer with a little bit of a yellow base. Put it, once again, right there where the dark circles are. For this, I would use a light feather brush to help finish blending. This gives a really beautiful, natural glow to the eye area without the cakiness of foundation.

So, there you go. Look for products that say illuminating and eye brightening. Those things will help you to naturally diffuse the look of dark circles or puffiness under the eyes and give you the coverage you need without foundation.


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How To Look Polished, But Not Overdone

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The key to look polished but not overdone is:
  • keep your foundation look clean
  • keeping the eye makeup simple with a little bit of enhancement on the lashes
  • have a little bit of bronzer to add warmth to your face and a really beautiful soft pink blush to add some brightness and make you look more awake.
  • And the final tip would be to add a soft pink gloss to brighten up the entire look.

When you want to look polished, you don't want colors that are too loud or harsh. You want the face to look soft, romantic and bright. As you can see in the video, we've added some extra lashes on the corner of her eye, just to give that extra bit of enhancement. This is the perfect look for going out in the evening or even for a nice work function where you have to be a little bit dressed up with your makeup routine.


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How to Berry Stain Your Lips

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How to Berry Stain Your Lips -- powered by ehow
The great thing is is a lot of lines have products right now that are made for exactly that. You want to look for a lip and cheek stain with a name that has either berry, pomegranate or cherry in the title. These will give you that berry stained look.
In the video above I use a pomegranate lip and cheek stain. As you can see in the video above, the color starts off very sheer and just starts to add to the natural coloring of lips. You can add more color to create the depth of color that you like. You can top it with a gloss or just leave it on its own for a really beautiful sheer look.
One of my favorite things about lip and cheek stains is the longevity factor. This will stay on all day and as you can see, it just gives such a beautiful rose-tone finish to the lips, one of my all time favorite tips to really make the lips look luscious, sexy and full.
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How to Help Heal Your Skin After Blowing Your Nose Too Much

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We've all been there. I know for sure after a cold I look like Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer.  The only thing that helps me is an emollient based moisturizer, something that is made especially for eczema, dry skin, windburn or chapped skin.
  • The two that I use of choice Aquaphor or First Aid Ultra Repair Cream.
  • These two products have helped me numerous times after a wicked cold when my nose hurt so much from days and days of sniffling and sneezing. These two creams are extremely emollient thick, will not sink into the skin and will help to repair it. Their consistency, as you can see in the video above, is extremely emollient, somewhat like a Vaseline cream.
  • They leave a protective barrier around the chapped skin which is what is happening to your nose especially after a nasty cold. So remember that these two products will help to save you.

I hope this answered your question and I hope you feel better!


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Keeping your skin moisturized during pregnancy

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Today’s question is how to keep skin moisturized during pregnancy. Well, during pregnancy you need to make sure that any products you are using are all natural and safe. You don’t want any preservatives or anything that could harm the natural barriers of the skin during this precious time. So I highly recommend two different products.

One is for stretch marks, an all natural oil called Miracle Oil.

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Contour Makeup for Hiding a Wrinkled Neck

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Today we're going to be talking about contour makeup for a wrinkled neck. Now, if you're feeling insecure about any type of wrinkles on your neck, it's very easily fixable with contour makeup, which helps to shadow any fine lines and highlight the areas that you want to enhance.  Please make sure to use a soft application with this, and practice until the look is barely noticeable, and just a soft enhancement!

  • Step one, use a darker contour color along the outer corners of your jawline and under your chin, take a softer, warmer color as well to blend that together.
  • Step two, take a darker color along the outer parts of your neck where the wrinkles tend to sometimes be a little bit more prominent.
  • Step three, use a highlighter color down the center of your neck to soften any wrinkles and to make the neck look elongated. And, there you have it, contour techniques to hide a wrinkled neck.


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