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Keeping your skin moisturized during pregnancy

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Today’s question is how to keep skin moisturized during pregnancy. Well, during pregnancy you need to make sure that any products you are using are all natural and safe. You don’t want any preservatives or anything that could harm the natural barriers of the skin during this precious time. So I highly recommend two different products.

One is for stretch marks, an all natural oil called Miracle Oil.

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Contour Makeup for Hiding a Wrinkled Neck

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Today we're going to be talking about contour makeup for a wrinkled neck. Now, if you're feeling insecure about any type of wrinkles on your neck, it's very easily fixable with contour makeup, which helps to shadow any fine lines and highlight the areas that you want to enhance.  Please make sure to use a soft application with this, and practice until the look is barely noticeable, and just a soft enhancement!

  • Step one, use a darker contour color along the outer corners of your jawline and under your chin, take a softer, warmer color as well to blend that together.
  • Step two, take a darker color along the outer parts of your neck where the wrinkles tend to sometimes be a little bit more prominent.
  • Step three, use a highlighter color down the center of your neck to soften any wrinkles and to make the neck look elongated. And, there you have it, contour techniques to hide a wrinkled neck.


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How to Get J-Lo’s Dark & Smokey Eyes

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Today's question is how do I get J-Lo's dark and smoky eye look. You want to make sure that you are using a nice deep dark bronze, a deep plum and really build it up. J-Lo likes to play with color. So, she's definitely not one for a natural eye. You want to make sure that the colors aren't black or too harsh. As you can tell with her bronze look, J-Lo really really loves to play around with different versions of brown, mahogany, bronze and a nude lip. In the video above we've already started on the look so far. Our model has as a nice, kind of graduated plum with a little bit of bronze in the corners of her eyes. This has already started the look as a bronze kind of version of that smoky eye. She has a nice soft peach on the cheeks to give her that J-Lo glow and the nude lip that J-Lo is really famous for. Now I'll show you how to take it that extra step and make it that dark and smoky look that she rocks on the red carpet.
  • first, we're going to add a little bit of extra pop of color. Like I said, J-Lo really likes to emphasize the eyes and keep the rest of the face bronzy and nude.
  • So I'm going to add a really beautiful plum purple all around the eye to kind of brighten it up. This is just enhancing the already smoky look and adding that extra bright pop of color. As you can see, that's already really giving it a sexy look.
  • To finish the look we're going to add a beautiful shimmering mauve. This will really pump up the eye and make them look smoky and sexy.

There you go, that's an easy tip and trick on how to get J-Lo's dark and smoky eye look!


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How to do a smokey eye with false eyelashes

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Today's question is how to do a smoky eye with false eyelashes. For this question I'm assuming that you already have your false eyelashes applied and you just kind of want to boost up that look and finish it off and make it smoky and sexy for the evening. So, on our lovely model Shay the eyelashes are already applied. I applied half lashes on the corner to give a nice cat eye effect.

  • Now to give this look a boost and to really give it that sultry sexy smoky look, all you need is one simple product. You need a shadow pencil. The chubbier, the more jumbo the better.
  • I love these because they make a smoky eye in one simple step. And you want to be careful when you're using false eyelashes to avoid a shadow because when a shadow falls on the false eyelashes, it changes the color and it's really kind of hard to get off. So an eye shadow pencil skips that step skips that mess and makes it easy. Let's show you how it looks.
  • As you can see, we're going to smoke out the eye a little more. I chose a deep brown shadow and I'm going over the already purple highlighted color we have which will make it a really beautiful kind of intense mauve.
  • The great thing about these jumbo eye shadow pencils is that you can blend them and continue to layer them until you get the desired effect you want.
  • Because it's in a pencil form you don't have to worry about that eye shadow fall out messing with your false eyelashes.

That's how you pump up your normal eye shadow look, get a sexy, smoky eye if you've already had your eyelashes applied without messing the, up. All you need is one product!


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How to Apply Fake Eyelashes so Eyes Look Wide Open

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Today's question is "how to apply fake eyelashes so the eyes look wide open". My favorite tip is to use eyelashes that are made just for the outer corners of the eyes. This lifts the eye up, and this also adds that really beautiful cat-eyed look and it's very simple to do yourself. The Ardell lashes are my favorite 

  • Place the strip lightly down on to the glue. You do not need a lot of glue. You want it on the end of the strip only. *i prefer black glue
  • Next when you're doing this at home, hold the eye taut and look down at a mirror.
  • Place the false eyelash on to the lashes and push upwards. You want this to be touching the base of your lash line, not anywhere near the eye lid.
  • I prefer to use tweezers at all times because it really helps to have control and to give a precision application. As you can see once again I'm holding the eye lid taut and putting the eye lashes right on the outer corners of the eye.
  • Look up.
  • As you can see, this opens up the eye just leaving that beautiful definition on the corner of the eye.

Once again to be able to use false eye lashes to make the eyes look more awake, look for eye lashes that are simply used on the corner of the eye. They're called half lashes. These will really help to open up the eyes, give you a nice sexy awake look and are very easy to use at home.

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How To Wear Violet Lipstick

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Today's question is "how do I wear violet lipstick".

Violet lipstick is a very bold, but stunning color. I like to soften it up a bit with a clear shimmering lip gloss. I'll show you how it looks when you apply the two together. As you can see the violet lipstick is a vibrant color. By combining the lipstick with a soft gloss you'll get a bit of a softer version that's perfect for summertime. It's a really beautiful way to get that look of the violet lipstick but make it appropriate for summer when everything is sheer and soft.

And by applying it with a little bit of a gloss you're also able to mix it with a dark smokey eye, which we've used right here. You can build the color to create the intensity that you need. And there you have it. By mixing a little bit of a clear shimmering lip gloss you soften the look of violet lipstick and make it perfect for summertime when bold bright colors are in.


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Jergens BB Body Cream

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 I have a love/hate relationship with body creams. I adore the hydration, but most of the time can't stand the sticky after feeling I am left with.  I need a product that seeps into my skin instantly, gives me a subtle glow, and doesn't overwhelm with my a heavy fragrance.  Well, I was more than pleased to find out that the new Jergens BB Body Cream, does just that....and more.  What? Yes, it has 5 very amazing ways it helps to improve your skin, and it has the added bonus of making your skin look airbrushed.  Now that Summer is only a few months away, I most definitely want to make sure my lily white skin looks as lovely as possible. 

You must have heard by now that BB Creams are all the rage in makeup and skincare. They combine the benefits of your favorite anti-aging skincare with light coverage, and a gorgeous finish.  This BB Cream for the body is no different. Think of it as your favorite BBCream in a very large, good for your body bottle. The main thing I noticed was that I loved the way the product felt on my skin. It was an instant softness, and I actually liked the light, fruity scent.  Another bonus was the sheen it imparted onto my skin. It was a red carpet sexiness that even Mike noticed (and if your man notices that your skin looks great, than you KNOW you have a great product on your hands).  

The five benefits that the BB Cream for the body imparts are: 

  • Hydrates and smooths
  • Brightens and Illuminates
  • Evens skin tone
  • Visibly firms the skin
  • Minimizes the appearance of imperfections. 

Tips: I have been using this cream for over two weeks now, and have been loving the results.  It also has found a place in my professional makeup mag for sets, where I can make sure the actresses are glammed up and ready to go.  If I want more warmth, or sheen, I simply add my favorite loose bronzer to the cream and blend.  

Disclosure: This post and video were sponsored by Jergens BB Body Cream through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post and create a video about Jergens BB Body Cream, all opinions are my own.

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