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Give Yourself A Personal Reboot!

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Lately, I have been feeling such a shift in how we all are feeling. Too much stress, not enough care for ourselves.  Makeup can be fun, but at heart it is what is going on inside us that counts.  As I have always said, no amount of makeup can mask a sad heart.  The times in my life that I have felt the most beautiful have always had to do with how much I am laughing…not how much makeup I had on.  So, in the spirit of this, I will be starting to share more stories and tips on the blog of how we can create beauty…starting from the inside!  Because being beautiful is not just about makeup.  It is so much more. 

xoxo  Christina 


 by Lambeth Hochwald for Life & Beauty Weekly

If you’ve been feeling a little crabby lately — maybe you feel more stressed or extra burdened than ever — it is possible to give yourself a personal reboot and be the kind of person others admire.

Our experts offer seven ways to increase your generosity, patience and tolerance — starting today.

Tip No. 1: Fill Your Personal “Pitcher”

Before you can be bighearted towards others, you have to do what certified health and wellness coach and registered dietician Adrienne Raimo calls “filling your pitcher” first. “This means taking care of yourself and your body,” says Raimo. “To be the best you can be, do your best to eat well, exercise and reduce stress. Otherwise, you’ll feel depleted.”

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Biggest Celebrity Hair Changes

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Celebrity Hair Changes
by Sian Bitner Kearney;

We always hear people say that celebrities are just like us, and when it comes to having hairstyle and color commitment issues, they are correct. While it’s true that many celebs have to go through these changes for movie roles, some do it for the same reasons we do; boredom, age or just needing a fresh look for a new season. So Love them or hate them, here are our top five picks for major celebrity hair changes.

#1 – Pam Anderson
Anyone who suffered through their 20’s in the early to mid 1990’s has an image of Pamela Anderson burned in their brain. She was blonde, tan, and literally a living Barbie Doll. Men everywhere flocked to Prime Time to watch her run down the beach on Bay Watch, and let’s not even start on her countless other film appearances. Recently, Pam traded in her long, bombshell locks for a new and modern pixie cut and some are saying she’s never looked better. While it certainly does bring more of a “mom” appearance to the star than her classic big hair, we have to agree she looks amazing.

#2- Kim Kardashian
Kim is known for her dark beauty; long raven hair, dark eyes, and bronzed skin. However, after Kim became a mama she needed a change and lightened up. True, we have seen Kim blonde before, but never like this. She went for a semi-ombre’ look with some serious platinum tones versus the safe caramel she went for last time. Caramel, brunette or blonde we love Kim Kardashian for always keeping it fresh.

#3 – Olivia Wilde
Let’s face it, no matter what color she rocks, Olivia Wilde is gorgeous, but her recent change back from a sandy blonde to a glossy brunette with ombre’ highlights definitely accentuates her looks even more. The blonde was an easy transition for Wilde (she wore that color for years while staring on the O.C.), but with her skin tone and vivid blue/green eyes, the darker color takes this starlet from pretty to absolutely gorgeous!

Gorgeous Brunettes

#4 – Brooklyn Decker
She was the apple of Adam Sandler’s eye in the film Just Go With It (at least until he spotted Jen Aniston in a bikini!), and one of SI Swimsuit’s most infamous models. Known for being the definition of a California beach girl, her wavy, blonde hair, tanned skin, and All-American good looks left us all pounding down our stylist’s door demanding more highlights A.S.A.P. However, Brooklyn recently made a change to brunette for some acting roles. While the color is still very lovely on Decker, we have to admit, she will always be a blonde in our hearts.

#5 – Kate Beckinsale
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kate Beckinsale is the queen of gorgeous hair. From her highlights to her curls no matter where she is photographed, her hair is pure perfection. However, for the film Contraband, Beckinsale did a major bleach job on her signature locks and went for a pale blonde. With a face like Kate’s, we doubt any color could make her look bad, but even she made a statement about the color after filming wrapped saying she was happy to be back to brunette and would never go blonde again.

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Weekly Beauty Tips and Tricks

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weekly beauty tips and secrets

by Erica Sun 

Date Look:
Impressive First Date
You are excited for your first date, so you want to look and dress to impress. You want to look like that beauty-next-door without overdoing yourself. Enhance your eyes with a dreamy bronzed smoky look. Finish off the look with a natural matte flush and soft pink-nude lips.

Wild Date
Going somewhere fun and colorful like amusement park? You can dress comfortably, but definitely play up your makeup colors to make you shine more vibrant and more vivacious than the rides themselves. Be bold and aggressive by pairing your juicy-raspberry stained lips with glittery electric blue eyes!

A Smoking Date
Whether you may be going clubbing with your girlfriend in attempt to hunt down your hot guy or you already got one hanging at your tips, you would want to make your statement out on that dance floor. Stand out by wearing shimmery bright gold and nude eyeshadow instead of the traditional cat eye smoky eye look. Going nude or light pink on your lips may make your lip look washed out at the club, so top off the look with a daring red or fuchsia color.

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Weekly Beauty Tips and Secrets!

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weekly beauty tips and secrets

The Hot Weather is Finally Hitting Bay and Here are Some Styles and Beauty Tips and Secrets From Around The Web That Will Help You Looking Smoking All Summer While Keeping You Cool: by Erika Sun


Sleek, Effortless Celebrity Inspired Ponytails:
Want to stay cool, but look easy and breezy this summer? Soften up a sleek high pony by curling a few face-framing, loose strands or romanticize a super loose side pony with small sectional braids of any kind (i.e: snake, fishtail, invert, chain, etc). Have fun and make your ponytail unique to your personality!

Fun and Easy Updos:
These are some sexy, voguish hairstyles that are perfect for going out on a date, going to work, or even lounging around with some friends. Make yourself look glam or cute effortless with these tips. You can give a trendy kick to a typical high-swept bun by adding in a set of luscious eye-grazing bangs, a mixed, edgy perk to a loose side bun with piecey bangs, or even a glamorous look by adding a vibrant-colored jeweled clip.

Kim Kardashian Inspired High Pouf Ponytail:
Ever wonder how Kim Kardashian achieves her sky-high sleek pouf ponytail? Her thick, luscious pony is achieved by adding in natural-looking extensions and the pouf is achieved by teasing the front hair section. Watch this video to see how to properly clip in hair extensions, tease the front hair section, and smooth flyaways.

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Weekly Beauty Tips and Tricks!

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Styling It Up With The Web’s Best Beauty Supplies!


The Best New Perfumes To Try Out For the Warm Weather: Looking beautiful and trendy is important, but do not forget to perfect the cherry on the top as well. Pair your beautiful outfit and personality with the right new scent, whether it may be bold, glamorous, sweet, or playful. Flip through this list of some of the top recommended new fragrances to try it out.

The Sexy, Seductive Fragrance:  Mesmerize your friend, date, and colleague with this passionate and flirty floral fragrance. This provocative fragrance is a mix of romantic, succulent red plum and luscious, rain-kissed freesia. To top it off, the refreshing fragrance is infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile.

The Sweet, Floral Scent: Surrender to your secret temptation for sweets with Versace’s most captivating floral fragrance. It is an unique blend of chilled yuzu and pomegranate mixed with a splash of soothing bright bouquet of peony, magnolia, lotus, and acajou flower warmed with a light touch of musk and amber.

The Charming, Glamorous Fragrance: Ignite your glamorous, elegant look, with a nice whiff of edgy sexy. Dare to resist the one-of-a-kind fragrance technology, where darkness and tenderness intertwine to reveal a voluptuous, enticing scent that is pitch black like the “soul of fame,” but invisible once airborne. Be the mysterious charming lady that every man wants with a lustful, floral, fruity essence. It is also enriched with a vivacious blend of belladonna, incense, apricot, honey drops, tiger orchidea, and jasmine sambac for a prolonged moment of ecstasy.

The Fun, Fruity Scent: Indulge yourself in a blissful dream of a citrusy world. This fantastical fragrance is layered with grapefruit and red lily with a light touch of conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile.  Refresh yourself with a free-spirited, juicy apple-crisp fragrance. Packaged in a sleek metal and glass apple bottle, this fragrance is a sophisticated blend of traditional American apple, cucumber, grapefruit with an exotic floral mix of candid magnolia, tuberose, white muguet, rose, violet, sandalwood, blonde woods, and white amber. Like the reknown New York City that inspired this fragrance, the lady that wears it will exert individuality.

Bridal Makeup and Hair

Summer is a season when love and romance ripen from its first bloom in the dawn of spring. With the great weather and lovely sunshine, it is a great time to tie the knots to your relationship. Here are some remarkable, lavishing looks you can go for to make that one day an unforgettable one:

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Weekly Beauty Tips and Tricks!

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Beauty Insights: 

*click the links below for beauty news from around the web! 

Sunscreen Protection and what to do if you are allergic to SPF:
There are two types of sunscreen, the more common chemical absorber and the sensitive-skin attentive physical blocker. The sunscreen chemical explanations help consumers make a better choice based on their facial needs. Consumers, especially the ladies, want their face to be beautiful and protected and not itchy and blotchy for the summer.

Top 10 Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin Individuals:
This is a list of some of the top dermatologist-tested sunscreen that are made safe for people who have skins that are easily irritated. Trusted brands for sensitive skin such as Vanicream and Dermatologica are among the ones that are listed.

3 Reasons of Using Retinoids and Steps to Effective Usage:
Retinoids is clinically proven as the most effect anti-age treatment to date. Its enriched Vitamin A complex not only exfoliate to enhance cell turnover rate, it also stimulate collagen and hydraluronic acid to plump up the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Top 5 Facial Moisturizer for the Summer:
Using the right moisturizer in the summer is important. A hydrating yet lightweight moisturizer will keep your face look shine-free and smooth.

Makeup Forever’s New Aqua Summer Collection:
The look featured is very trendy and will add a nice classy touch to a solid-colored outfit. MUFE Aqua gel-like cream can be used as an creaseless free eyeshadow that lasts all day or a silky eyeliner that works great for the spring and summer weather. The vibrant waterproof lip colors make it the perfect pickup for a swim at the beach or the pool.

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Daily Beauty News

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